Friday, March 23, 2007

Alpha Males

The alpha male is the guy who can go out and sleep with girls basically at will. The alpha male does not necessarily have 100% success rate because there are to many external factors that are going to effect the alpha male's success rate. The alpha male does know that after spending enough time out at a social gathering he will be able to find an attractive women, seduce her, and sleep with her. Men get less attached in general with women so the alpha male often sees these sexual encounters as just that and have little or no attraction afterwards. Even if alpha males get into little mini-relationships after the first hookup these are usually sex driven so that they only last as long as the sex is good which is usually not long.

The alpha male will rarely want to settle down at an early age because he has his pick of the sexual crop. Evolutionarily guys want to have sex with as many women as possible so the alpha male sees little advantage to settling down. Alpha male's motivation for acting the way they do is rarely solely because they are afraid of relationships (which is often the alpha female reason for her behavior). Males are just programmed to want lots of sex so if it is available to them they are not going to seek something else.

Alpha males do get lonely after awhile though. Alphas will eventually seek out more meaningful relationships. The problem is that like the alpha female the alpha male will have little experience creating and maintaining meaningful relationships. Since it is usually much later in life when the alpha male decides he should settle down this lack of "emotional knowledge" is sometimes difficult to deal with. There are those who ignore it get married quickly and reject it. There are also those who go through many relationships never figuring out how to form the long term relationships they should have been learning to form earlier in life.

There are also those alpha males who never really settle down. Even at an older age these alpha males can still get many, usually younger, women at will. With this constant flow of sex they stay unmarried and uncommitted for a lifetime.

The next post will be tomorrow night on beta females.

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